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Launch Pad

The Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community, also known as the Launch Pad, is open to students of any major who are interested in launching their own business, non-profit or startup. Located in Creswell Hall, the Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community accommodates up to 40 students.

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THRIVE, formerly called Freshman College Summer Experience, is a transformative four-week academic residential program. Participants enroll in two 3-credit courses: a high-demand disciplinary course and a student success course that carries a service-learning flag that fulfills the University’s experiential learning requirement. 

THRIVE allows students to form meaningful academic and social networks, equipping them for future academic success. During the four-week program students are exposed to and participate in Beyond Classes which are experiences designed to familiarize them with campus and resources. Students who participate in THRIVE report feeling more acclimated to campus and equipped for success before the fall semester begins.

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Honors Magnet Program

By living together in Myers Hall, Honors Program participants are surrounded by other serious students whose discussions and friendships promote the exchange of ideas and information across disciplinary boundaries. The Honors Program also maintains a satellite office in Myers Hall to provide academic advising and support students’ other academic pursuits. First-year students have priority in assignments to Myers Hall, including a condensed sign-up period specifically for Myers Hall.  Living in Myers Hall is not a requirement of the Honors Program. Honors Program participants should expect to have an Honors Program roommate.

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Language Communities

Spanish and French Language Communities in Mary Lyndon Hall

It is often said that the best way to learn a new language is to live in a country where that language is spoken. The next best thing is to live in a language community within University Housing, where students from all walks of life are united by their interest in mastery and enjoyment of the French or Spanish languages. Participants are immersed in these languages through daily spontaneous interaction with their neighbors, as well as through organized activities such as movie nights, dinners, dances and parties, guest lectures, concerts, excursions, and a required weekly conversation course. Residents earn academic credit for completion of the program and are granted priority registration for language courses. 

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Franklin Residential College (FRC)

The Franklin Residential College (FRC) is a student-run, faculty-supervised community of close-knit university students residing in Rutherford Hall in the Myers Community of UGA. The purpose of the FRC is to bring the intellectual excitement of UGA arts and sciences into the residential life of the program participants. The FRC integrates academics into residence life through interaction with faculty and engagement with ideas. The Franklin Residential College also sponsors numerous social and service events, programming and activities throughout the year. Most of the activities happen in and around Rutherford Hall. All FRC members must have a major or minor in arts and sciences.

Additionally, students in the Franklin Residential College may also be a part of the UGA Russian Flagship residential experience. This experience provides a means for interested students to blend their residential and academic experiences to enhance the overall quality of college life and to explore and promote Russian language and cross-cultural competence through a simulated immersion environment. Residents speak Russian on a daily basis through spontaneous and organized activities and informal conversations. Russian Flagship tutoring sessions are offered on site weekly. Additional residential activities include movie screenings, dinners, dances, socials, guest lectures, concerts, excursions, performances, and exhibitions.

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Art of Wellness

The Art of Wellness Living Learning Community acknowledges the unique needs and experiences of all students entering college. The program supports students by offering creative arts experiences and wellness instruction as a way to help reduce stress, engage students socially, and provide creative outlet opportunities. The program offers mental health resources, as well as programming and social activities, including performances, cooking classes, yoga and mindfulness, and more. The University of Georgia’s Art of Wellness Living Learning Community is open to all first and second-year students. Students live together in Building 1516 and take required academic components that include yoga, meditation, and other wellness-related skills in addition to taking part in group extracurricular activities.

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Russell Academic Center

UGA’s Office for Student Success and Achievement offers an active learning space open to all students on the first floor of Russell Hall. The RAC offers various UNIV courses, student success workshops, tutoring and academic coaching.  

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Other Academic Programs

The University of Georgia’s Office for Student Success and Achievement offers an active learning space known as the Russell Academic Center (RAC) on the first floor of Russell Hall. The RAC offers various UNIV coursesStudent Success Workshopstutoring (in chemistry, math, and writing), academic coaching, and other resident support services in a more convenient location for first-year students. The DAE empowers all students to achieve success with innovative courses, programs, services, and student-centered initiatives.  Please visit the DAE website for further details and updated offerings.

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